Roger Tuby and Son run many of the large funfairs in the North of England. .

Also within this site is a history of the Tuby family including information about GT Tuby former mayor of Doncaster and details of the Corgi Classics Showmans Range “Dodgems on Tour” as well as links to other funfair and fairground sites

Upcoming Events

  • Feb

    Leeds Valentines - 11th to 21st Feb

  • Feb

    Barnsley FC - 25th to 28th Feb

  • Mar

    Goole - 17th to 21st March

  • Mar

    Doncaster Dome - 25th March to 3rd April

  • Apr

    Penistone - 7th to 11th April

  • April

    Spalding - 28th April to 2nd May

  • May

    Holbeach - 6th May to 9th May

  • May

    Doncaster Balby - 19th to 22nd May

  • June

    Bourne Beer Festival - 10th to 12th June

  • Aug

    Doncaster Sandal Park - 25th to 29th August

  • Sept

    Barnsley Locke Park - 8th to 11th September

  • Sept

    Penistone - 15th to 19th September

  • Sept

    Goole - 22nd to 26th September

  • Sept

    Scarborough - 28th September to 1st October

  • Oct

    Spalding - 20th to 24th October

Funfair Rides for Hire

We have an extensive range of funfairs and Old Tyme rides for private and corporate hire, contact us for more information

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About Us

As well as running traditional street and park fairgrounds, we also provide rides such as waltzer, and roller coaster, carousel and dodgems for corporate events and film work. Roger Tuby is available for consultancy work to councils, companies and other interested parties

Consultancy Available

This showman family business has been around for 165 years so far.

Showman Roger Tuby is available to companies, councils or individuals on a consultancy basis with regard to any aspect of fairgrounds.

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