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Email: Purchase Tastylia Online No Prescription

Tel: 07831427728


Over 2,200 people turned up at Springfields in Spalding for Bakkavor’s Party in Park, a two day event which had live music and of course our fabulous Roger Tuby’s funfair!

Although this was a corporate event for the staff, they opened it up to the general public Saturday night. It’s estimated around £5,000 was raised for the Lincolnshire and Nottingham Air Ambulance services.

There was an attempt to set the world record for longest welly-wanging time, with people coming to the fun fair participating for over five hours. Organiser Terry Moore said they are just waiting on confirmation of the record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Roger Tuby & Son Funfairs are available for corporate and private events all year round

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