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Pleasing the Public for 150 years

Corgi Classics, The Showmans Range

This limited edition of Corgis popular Classic Range is available now only as a collectors item as only 4000 were ever produced. If you are lucky enough to own one, then you can count on it growing in value.

Foden S21 8 Wheel Dodgem Truck with Trailer ( Die Cast Model 1:50 scale)

The original box contains this brief wording:
The Tuby family have been in the fairground business since 1853. Their transport has always been kept to a high standard and today GT Tuby (2nd) and Roger Tuby keep their lorries in fine condition carrying the Tuby motto "Whilst I live I'll crow". In earlier years all steam engines were called after GT Tuby (1st's) council career such as "mayor", "Ex Mayor", "Alderman" and "Councillor". The Tuby colours have been blue, maroon and gold. Their slogans on the vehicles include "Always Deal to Deal Again" and on the lorry fronts "Results of Labour".
A proud family, never forgetting those who are not as fortunate as themselves.