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Pleasing the Public for 150 years

The Tuby family have been providing fairground attractions throughout the country for at least the last 150 years. Although there have been many changes in that period with a demand for bigger, faster, louder, and more frightening rides all the time, the Tuby family have always managed to provide the public with whatever they want.

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Last years Leeds Valentine Fair, organised by Roger Tuby and Stewart Robinson took place from Friday 13th to Sunday the 22nd. It was the the biggest ever, with over 500,000 customers and nearly 200 attractions.

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to see a few pictures from a previous Valentines Fair event.

Consultancy Available

Showman Roger Tuby is available to companies, councils or individuals on a consultancy basis with regard to any aspect of fairgrounds.

If you have arrived at this page because you were searching for details on the Showman's Range of Corgi Collectibles and in particular the "Tuby's Dodgems, Dodgems on Tour" collectable then click here

Freedom of the Borough for Roger Tuby Spitfire bought by Showman Childrens Rides Goole Funfair
Freedom of the Borough for Roger Tuby
Spitfire for the Nation
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